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We recently received this notice from Jennifer Olson, who is in charge of The Independent, a new local publication that debuts on April 23.  We thought we’d pass it on.

Hi there!

I’m Jennifer Olson, writing to let you know about an alternative paper I’m working to start in Grant County and to see whether you’d like to be involved.

Not a newspaper but not quite a magazine either, this quirky publication will include:
• long-form feature stories,
• personality profiles,
• arts and entertainment coverage,
• outdoor beta,
• children’s cartoons/essays/art,
• perspectives from every walk of life,
• tips for improving almost anything in life (health/finance/homes/love life….),
• Do-It-Yourself features,
• eco-friendly and eco-funny stories,
• interviews with visiting performers/athletes/artists,
• love stories and weird wedding features,
• recipes/reviews/history of Silver City cuisine,
• views from people with fascinating hobbies,
• political cartoons, astrology/clairvoyance how-to pieces, personals, and
• tons of stimulating content with other focuses, too.

It will be called The Independent and will be printed and distributed for free once weekly starting April 23, and archives will be accessible online. The design will be fresh, creative, and—most importantly, to match the paper’s intention—fun and lighthearted.

But for the paper to be as interesting (and thus successful) as it has the potential to be, The Independent needs a variety of voices. It needs diverse personalities, expertise, and opinions. It needs you.

I’m looking for people who want to:
• contribute a column on a regular (weekly, monthly, quarterly) basis,
• act as a department coordinator who gathers pieces from experts in your field,
• be interviewed or contribute once,
• offer me contact info of others who’d be interesting voices, and/or
• submit occasional pieces, photos, drawings, cartoons, etc. for consideration in The Independent.

Let me know if you’d like to participate and which areas you’re interested in. Please be in touch with any ideas of your own, too! Almost anything goes. (The paper will pay its freelance contributors. Though it’s not much, it’s something—enough to buy a nice meal or a weekend’s worth of drinks!)

Since The Independent is in its formative stages, please send me a note with your wish lists, advice, ad interest that I may pass along, or objections if you have any! Feel free to share info about The Independent with others in your circles.

The Independent is also looking for a full-time designer who will also have responsibilities in advertising design. If you know of any candidates for this position, please let me know.

I appreciate your time so much and am eager to hear your thoughts! Until I get an official e-mail account, I’m using my personal address. So, for now, you may contact me at or 575-590-3204.


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