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17 Best Places to Write in Silver City

SWWF picks the top spots for Scribblers

A multitude of delightful places to write (and read) exist in our Silver City area. A few of us reflected on some of our favorite choices which we are sharing with you. You may share your own personal selections in our Forum section.

Contributors: Kris Neri, Ted Presler, JJ Amaworo Wilson, and Lynne Zotalis.

Bear Mountain Lodge, Silver City, NM

1. Bear Mountain Lodge

Described as”… a tranquil oasis on the edge of the New Mexico wilderness…”the Lodge, built in 1928, once served the members of the Nature Conservancy. Now it’s a top of the line lodging, a place one can relax with pen or pencil in hand, surrounded by drought adapted plants. If writers block strikes, try a hike or go bird watching.

Big Ditch Park, Silver City, NM

2. The Big Ditch Park

A walkway running parallel to a stream that bubbles quietly over the rocks; picturesque iron bridges; a sun-dappled canopy of green leaves. The Big Ditch is a natural haven just a short stroll from downtown Silver City. Bring a notebook and pen, perch on one of the shady benches, and contemplate life.

Birdwell’s Vintage Vibes, Silver City, NM

3. Birdwell’s Vintage Vibes

So retro! So Silver City! The locally unique drinks, including boba teas and old fashioned milkshakes, along with a good choice of journals, make Birdswell’s vintage Vibes an engaging place to write. After a particularly strong writing session, you might even find a reward for your self among their special selection of antiques and art and craft items.

Fort Bayard, Silver City

4. Fort Bayard Historical Landmark

East of Silver City lies a quiet, serene spot where cypress trees beckon one down a deserted street where years earlier Buffalo Soldiers marched. Later, the fort served as a hospital for tuberculosis patients. Now in this gentle place surrounded by occasional avian voices, one can contemplate one’s existence, love of nature, and a touch of history.

The Hub Plaza, Silver City. Picture by Bruce Bloy

5. The Hub

The Hub, outside of Diane’s Bakery, offers sturdy tables, ideal for spreading out writing notes. While there are yummy baked goods, pizza, and tacos nearby to fuel your body, a glorious abundance of sunshine and flowers will surely engage your muse.

Javelina Cafe, Silver City, NM

6. Javalina 

A storied coffee house in the heart of the community. Known for hosting open mics and conspiratorial groups of writers. Big windows let in the light. Original art adorns the walls. The written word is in every nook: from the stash of free newspapers to back copies of the Paris Review.

Little Toad Creek, Silver City, NM

7. The Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery

If you’re one of those writers who likes to get away from it all without leaving town, you can’t find a better spot to work than the Little Walnut Picnic Area. Picturesque picnic tables dot a tranquil Southwestern landscape, while tree canopies provide shade for those long writing sessions. Trails wander off in multiple directions, offering a variety of hikes for gathering your thoughts.

Little Walnut Picnic area, Silver City, NM

8. Little Walnut Picnic area

The pick of the numerous trails to be found just outside the city limits., Meadow Creek is a fifteen minute drive from Pinos Altos. Rocky outcrops and towering pines provide a perfect antidote to our ephemeral worries. Writers will find plenty of shade here, too, and lichen spotted boulders and tree stumps serve as natural chairs.

Meadow creek,, Silver City,, NM

9. Meadow Creek

The pick of the numerous trails to be found just outside the city limits., Meadow Creek is a fifteen minute drive from Pinos Altos. Rocky outcrops and towering pines provide a perfect antidote to our ephemeral worries. Writers will find plenty of shade here, too, and lichen spotted boulders and tree stumps serve as natural chairs.

Miller Library, WNMU, SIlver City, NM

10. Miller Library, WNMU

Go to the top floor, slip into a booth in the Quiet Zone, and gaze out the window. The spectacular view overlooks the town’s arteries and the Gila’s distant hills. And if that isn’t enough, take a moment to wander between the bookshelves: you will find everything you need from sci-fi to cybernetics to psychology-all fuel for the inquiring mind.

Old James Stadium at WNMU, Silver City, NM

11. Old James Stadium at WNMU

The academic world and would-be athletes take a break here surrounded by lush Bermuda grass and the occasional swish of a soaring football. Large enough to accommodate all types of relaxation, the stadium is perfect for developing a string of haiku among the “hikes!”

Silver City Museum, Silver City, NM

12. Silver City Museum Courtyard

Open a low gate. Walk a few paces down a path. Veer right and step into the past. Five huge trees provide copious shade while metal benches invite you to stay awhile. Peruse the outdoor display of Silver City’s past and present, and marvel at the objects artfully scattered: a stone wheel, rocks, and sculptures of rusting iron.

Silver City Public Library, Silver City, NM

13. Silver City Public Library

A gem of a library, well-lit and welcoming, with plenty of quiet corners for the dedicated scribe. If the individual booths are occupied by patrons researching furiously, writers can try the history; long wooden tables and a superb collection of tomes on Southwestern lore provide all the inspiration necessary.

Silver City Water Works Building Complex, Silver City, NM

14. Silver City Waterworks Building Complex

Built in 1887 to provide water for the town, the sandstone structure and its environs offer a tranquil place in which to relax and perhaps share a conversation with the Continental Divide Trail hikers from all over the world gathering to prepare for their passage to Canada.

Tranquil Buzz Coffee House, Silver City, NM

15. Tranquil Buzz Coffee House

A home from home for writers, musicians, and creatives. Full of posters, photos, sculptures, pots, books, and handmade tables and shelves—an emporium of beautiful things for igniting the imagination, all topped off with first rate coffee and cakes. A regular meeting place for The Gila River Poets.

Boston Hill, Silver City, NM
Gomez Peak Trail, Silver City, NM

16. Boston Hill & Gomez Peak

Boston Hill and Gomez Peak are most well known for their dozens of groomed hiking trails but with acres of “open space initiative”; it’s not all difficult to find repose for writing. Amidst the spectacular vistas nature fuels the imagination with ideas to generate your next short story, maybe even that novel. Come ready to be inspired!

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Southwest Word Fiesta™ or its steering committee.

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