We’re quality persons and we believe in quality stuff. What we eat is the freshest and purest. What we watch has been strained through the finest seive–the New York Times or the London Times or the smallest literary journal with the most anemic editor. Our stocks have been blessed by the financial counselor who renounced a trillion-dollar lifetime earning package to advise us that our distant cousin’s start-up might not be the most secure place for the last of our retirement savings. Our doctor has 873 friends on Facebook (not counting those who died). Quality everywhere you look, from here to our ever receding horizon.
Because we’re such quality persons, the Southwest Festival of the Written Word (pronounced sssfwwh, a sly, rattlesnakish sound) has started a list of bestlists.
The Bestlist of SilverCityNewMexico Writing
The Bestlist of SouthwestNewMexicoandEasternArizona Writing
The Bestlist of SFWW (that includes all the quality stuff not included in the first two lists)
How? you ask, can a poem, tract, essay, book, sentence, story, play or statement of amount owed and payable gain a place among the best words?
Easily, I answer. Submit a nominee and see if she or he or it sticks. Naturally we solicit only quality nominees. We’ve observed that other makers of similar lists have not showed the rigor that our excellence demands, but in these days of lamentable and declining standards that’s exactly what one expects–bestlists of the mediocre.

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