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AMERICAN HEMP FARMER is the eagerly-awaited follow-up to Doug Fine’s bestsellers HEMP BOUND, FAREWELL, MY SUBARU and TOO HIGH TO FAIL. It is an immersive, instructive, funny blueprint for ensuring that independent regenerative farming spearheads hemp’s return. In AMERICAN HEMP FARMER, we follow the rigors and pleasures of an entire hemp season from soil preparation and genetics acquisition through harvest and regenerative marketing. Doug gets his hands dirty with healthy soil and sticky with terpenes when growing his own crop and creating his own hemp products. He shares his adventures and misadventures as an independent, regenerative farmer and entrepreneur, all the while laying out a vision for how hemp can make farming the hottest profession in the digital age. This is the inside story of the world’s most lucrative crop from award-winning journalist turned hemp farmer Doug Fine. AMERICAN HEMP FARMER Debuted as Amazon’s #1 New Release in Agroculture on April 20, 2020. It was also nominated for the Santa Fe Reporter‘s Book of the Year award.

American Hemp Farmer would have been in George Washington’s library. President Washington grew hemp and was a passionate, regenerative agriculturist. Washington sought advice from those that practiced their trade. Doug Fine‘s American Hemp Farmer is a scholarly, practical and impeccably enjoyable work and a must-read for those who cultivate hemp or are interested in leaping in.

–J. Dean Norton, Director of Horticulture,
George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate
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