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Closer to the Door

Poems on Aging

There is a discrepancy in aging. Bodies, inside and out, change. Life changes as well. Our minds sometimes stay young, willing us on, deluding us as well. Much of aging isn’t pretty. Physical appearances and abilities shift with increasing rapidity. Concern regarding the loss of memory and the ability to care for oneself loom large as we age. We become more vulnerable. This collection of thoughts offers a means of revealing some of the challenges, comedies, and beauty of our last chapters. It is a “heads up” for those behind me to understand that the best way to prepare for old age and dying is to live now, fully and wholly.
We need the experience and wisdom of those elders who have survived crises, intolerance, and hatred, and held steady their knowledge of compassion. As our children and grandchildren inherit possibility, the older ones still must assume the great responsibility of mentoring and guiding. It is up to us to believe in those behind us, and share what we have experienced to make better the world.

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