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Dear Jennifer

The Jenny Princess Letters

In this book, Jennifer’s dad writes several letters. The first letter tells a story about a young girl named Jenny that becomes known as Jenny Princess. That story is about how the girl, Jenny, became Jenny Princess. Dad writes other letters that talk about Jenny Princess’s teddy bear named Bear. Dad tells stories about how Jenny Princess found a talking dog named Scruffy and a parakeet named Clarence in the park. One letter talks about Jenny Princess visiting the Grand Canyon. In another letter, Jenny Princess has an adventure in an old house. Because of the adventure, she writes a book about a lady gold miner. Jenny Princess watches a coyote looking for lunch one day, then writes a story about the coyote and some blackbirds.

Fenton is a retired biologist whose writing includes eight novels, a children’s book, a book of Haiga, several poems published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, online at Eskimo Pie, and an Honorable Mention for a poem at Desert Exposure.

Fenton has a blog page/website at, where he talks about his writing and publishes some of his poetry.

Fenton’s Books include:

The O’Flaithearta Biological Consultants Mysteries

  1. Le Cochon Volant: The Flying Pig
  2. Bear Market
  3. Eye of Newt, Skin of Toad

The Carol Montgomery Mysteries

  1. The Old Courthouse
  2. A Piano in the Night
  3. La Llorona

Young Adult and Middle Reader Novels

  • Chipmunk Jumped Over Him: A Coming-of-Age Story
  • The Jaguar Drum: A Mayan Boy and the Spanish Entrada

Children’s Chapter Book

  • Dear Jennifer: The Jenny Princess Letters

Coffee Table Book

  • Still Life Musings: A Small Haiga Collection [Available only through Lulu Bookstore]


He has twenty-two publications in the scientific literature, which can be accessed online at

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