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God’s Umbrella

Southwest New Mexico World War II Survivors

In the words of these men and women who served in World War II or were otherwise impacted by the war, God’s Umbrella recounts the tragic, humorous and other memorable parts of their service during wartime.
Humorous, you ask? Most of these veterans were in their late teens or early 20s when they volunteered or were drafted into service. They played pranks, which created levity in lives that they perhaps could not otherwise have tolerated.
Some of those interviewed teared up with memories or would not talk about the painful parts, but they shared their words with the local readers of the newspaper, where they were first published. Now, readers from other parts of the country and world will have an opportunity to read what 77 survivors of World War II told about their experiences. The photos, from their service days and when interviewed, provide a small sliver of history from the four counties of the southwestern-most corner of New Mexico
This book recognizes the sacrifices veterans and their families have made in service to country to preserve our freedoms. May we never forget their selfless actions.

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