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Hopscotch Life

Poor Plum Tardy. Between being saddled with a goofy name, to the way she misquotes adages, to her quirky style of dress, Plum always feel out of synch with other people. But even if others do seem to move in lockstep to successes Plum can’t even imagine, while she erratically leaps through life as if it were some giant hopscotch court, that doesn’t explain the startling way her life unravels.

Plum catches her fiancé Noah Rowle in the act with sexy Claire Denton, his partner in a real estate deal designed to allow the soul-sucking Budget-Mart chain to gobble up blocks of land across the country. Thinking her life couldn’t get any worse, she also learns he’s stolen money from her. Desperate to flee, Plum stumbles onto a bag of cash. Assuming that to be the booty Noah took from her, she runs off with it, toward a destination that’s just a name on a map. There, Plum finds a quirky town that seems to need someone exactly like her. In one crazy leap, she not only makes that place her home, she thinks she’s hit on a way to stop to Noah and Claire’s land score.

But while Plum tries to help her new town halt the steamroller of progress, even with her unconventional perspective she could not have predicted the way her past would collide with her present. Will her offbeat approach save her, or land her in behind bars in hopscotch hell?

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