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Magical Alienation

A spaceship crash in Roswell…a rumored alien…the mysterious Area 51…a harmonic convergence in Sedona. No connection, right? With its rock stars and shape shifters, gods and haunting militia leaders, Magical Alienation will turn what you think you know upside down.

Cheerful fake psychic Samantha Brennan has finally hit the mother lode, having signed on as the spiritual advisor of the aging bad boy of rock, Rand Riker. It’s fun and games at first, and Samantha, deserves some fun after her breakup from her former beau, Angus, the ever-hot Celtic god of youth and love and laughter, who, after stealing her heart, broke it by having a fling with a mermaid. If only Rand weren’t headed to the New Age town of Sedona, Arizona to host a benefit concert for the most hated man in America, militia guru Normal Frankly, accused of trying to kill Arizona’s charismatic senator, Kenny Campbell. Samantha also tangles with goddess-in-hiding, Special Agent Annabelle Haggerty of the FBI. Though Samantha and Annabelle were once mismatched partners in crime, they’re now on opposite sides, since Annabelle has become responsible for Senator Campbell’s safety.

Tensions spike when Normal Frankly’s militia pals free him from captivity. In their raid, they not only abduct his judge and jury, but also a passing U.S. Army convoy, allowing them to take possession of prisoner who has been the government’s most closely guarded secret for over sixty years. But when Celtic deities are involved, nothing is ever as it seems. As the earth moves toward a horrific harmonic convergence and the darkest night the planet has ever seen, Samantha concludes the fun has truly ended, and she wonders which, if any of them, will survive it.

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