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New Mexico Heroines of the Twentieth Century

New Mexico Heroines of the Twentieth Century: Role Models for Today is a one of a kind effort at encapsulating more than 250 vignettes together with photographs of strong New Mexico women of diverse cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and persuasions who have distinguished themselves in wide-ranging fields of interest and attainment over the last 100 years. These groundbreakers include scientists, educators, artists, political activists, politicians, healers, musicians, and writers. They indeed serve as role models for girls and young women, and that is one of the chief values of this book. Judith Messal notes that “Open any page, and a role model will emerge, determined and resilient.” Reviewer Tom Hester believes “Every New Mexican should have a copy of New Mexico Heroines.” He observes that the book is “a valuable work worth reading, keeping around . . . for reference, and arguing over.” Respected New Mexico historian Richard Melzer adds that Hamm “proves that women of all backgrounds have made significant contributions in every era, every field, and every part of the state. Heroines of New Mexico á major contribution for all those who seek to balance his-story and her’s.” Local book sellers have the book as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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