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Seasons of the Blue Pearl

Mia lives an idyllic life in a tiny hut in the desert beneath a range of jagged peaks. Her mother is a healer and her father is a potter who can work magic into the clay. However, Mia does not believe in magic or the stories told by the elders.

While on a run in the desert, she is attacked by demons who have risen from their tunnels beneath the arroyos. After a narrow escape with the help of her dog, Mia, her parents, and her three mysterious uncles set off on a journey to a legendary land where they hope to find the secret to defeating the demons.

On the journey, Mia discovers the magic hidden in the world around her and the magic deep within herself. Her special magic could be the key to her people’s survival, but the only way to find out is to tread a perilous path into a dark and dangerous world from which no one has ever returned.

“A fast-paced adventure story told with real love for the desert and its ecology…The lyrical language is a
pleasure to read, and the main character, the young girl Mia, is someone you want to be…Wonderful!”
─Sharman Apt Russell author of Songs of the Flute Player

“In this vibrant world, even the rains have genders and nothing is ever as it seems. The language flows with poetic beauty, reminiscent of campfire and bedtime stories… Paying homage to different cultures and people, Seasons of the Blue Pearl is a fantasy novel in which battles are won through teamwork, perseverance, and sacrifice…”
─Foreword Clarion Reviews ★★★★

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