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The Sex Therapist

A Novel

John Roberts is a sex therapist and sexual surrogate. That’s right, he has sex with his clients. He’d be the first to tell you that he doesn’t have sex with all of his clients. And that although his clients pay him money, sexual surrogacy is different than prostitution. And also that he’s good at it. Very good.

But John’s career, his life actually, is in a rut. He has no relationship of his own, yet at any given time can be having sex with five or six different women. Not such a bad situation, but not very fulfilling either. Until one day Samantha walks through his door. He immediately realizes she is different. Quirky, independent, challenging. He falls for her, hard.

Samantha’s problem is not your typical sexual dysfunction. She can’t seem to make a deep emotional connection with her partners, making sex an empty and meaningless experience for her. It is exploring this issue with John, forcing him out of the safety and normal role of therapist, that is both dangerous and exhilarating for him.

Realizing he can’t navigate this exciting new relationship with Samantha within the bounds of traditional therapy, John decides to take it to the next level, with disastrous consequences.

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