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The Trial of Billy the Kid

This book is about Billy the Kid’s trial for killing Lincoln County Sheriff William Brady, and the events leading to that trial. The result of Billy’s trial sealed his fate. And yet Billy’s trial is the least written about and, until this book, the least known event of Billy’s adult life.

The information presented here has been unknown until now. This book makes it possible to answer these previously unanswerable questions:

* What were the governing Territorial laws?

* What were the charges against Billy?

* Was there a trial transcript and what happened to it?

* What kind of defense did Billy present?

* Did Billy testify in his own defense?

* Did Billy have witnesses standing for him?

* Who testified against him for the prosecution?

* What was the jury like?

* What action by the trial judge virtually guaranteed his conviction?

* What legal grounds did he have to appeal his verdict?

* Why did his lawyer refuse to file an appeal?

* Was the trial fair?

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