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Trust No One

Witness Protection surviver Kylie Taylor has been through the wringer. After witnessing a crime committed by Russian mobster, Alexei Zhukov, and getting shot herself, she was whisked into WITSEC, losing the life she’d loved, along with the family and friends she held dear. Without warning, her new identify was burned again—twice. Now, she has yet another new life in a new town, and once more it seems, she’s being hunted. Instead of an all-out assault this time, some unknown person is engaging in a vicious cat-and-mouse game, which chips away at Kylie’s psychological health. If she tells the marshals, she’ll be moved once more. Not this time. This time, Kylie decides to fight back. But who is the enemy? Which of the strangers in her new circle of friends is the one trying to break down her well being and take her life? The safest course, Kylie decides, is simply to trust no one.

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