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Cyber-threat Novel

Ed Teja, Silver City co-author of the latest Bitpats novel, written with J. Lee Porter, released their novel CRYPTO CITIZENS on May 1.

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

With incredible speed our world moved from disconnected villages to a global network — one owned by the power brokers. The consequences couldn’t be foreseen.

In this second book of the Bitpats, a revolutionary group working to preserve the right, the ability to stay out of sight. In a world dominated and driven by data, the digitization of information we didn’t even know was important, the big players not only know where we are but they can make reasonable guesses about what we do next…what products we will buy, what cause we will support. This changing world makes even silence into a statement.

Ed Teja is a writer, poet, musician, and boat bum. He writes about the places he knows and the people who live in the margins of the world. After being friends with tech giants, pirates, fishermen, and a coterie of strange people for many years, he finds the world an amazing place filled with intriguing, if sometimes crazed, characters. He is a longtime resident of Silver City.

Lee Porter is a former IT specialist, programmer, and data analyst for banking, security, and government agencies. He left the IT world behind on July 4, 2016, declaring it his personal Independence Day to travel the world full time in search of inspiration for his writing. He is currently living in Cambodia


CRYPTO CITIZENS is available as an ebook and in a paperback edition. Find it here:

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