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Harvey“Let’s be clear: animals are people too. I’m so tired of the uneven, speciesist treatment that folks hand out. Look, can’t we all just get along? Yes, I may be covered with bristles but I’m an attractive, normal javelina. Realizing this – as a writer – led me to create Wild Animal Writers. Its an outlet, a soapbox, a trough to wallow in.” – Harvey Javelina   


Want to be a Wild Animal Writer? The Southwest Festival of the Written Word is delighted to announce an electronic (via the internet) collaborative writing project that will take place August 20- October 2, 2015.


 Sandy Baldwin Classroom shots with students (model releases for small group)Sandy Baldwin, one of our Festival presenters and a world renowned proponent of electronic literature, is organizing and moderating the project which will culminate in a presentation at the festival at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday October 4. An eBook containing the group’s work will be published!

Just follow this link and let your wild animal take over! Wild Animals Writers!

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  1. Gale Green says:

    Meerrrooow. It’s about time we get to speak! You say I’m not a “Wild” animal?? How could you!! Honestly, I gave you more credit than that. . . perhaps I shouldn’t have.
    But, I’ll explain to you, since you obviously are either uninformed, or misinformed as to the true nature and identity of CATS. Why, one of your own kind very highly respected among people who claim to really know about us, John Bradshaw, has written, in an effort to dispel myths about us, that “although cats and humans have been living together for millennia, cats keep three of four paws planted in the wild, retaining qualities that often clash with our [human] lifestyles”. Huuummmff. So there.
    I walk among the other ‘common’ animals including the human-person kind with the dignity befitting a properly wild animal-person. So don’t you forget it!
    Just this morning as I lay dreaming I cornered and conquered one of the most fierce creatures in all of any domains–the common shrew. Which, by the way, a ‘new’ species was recently discovered in nearby South Arizona. Well, I hate to be disparaging of human-animal accomplishments, but we cats have known of their existence for longer than I can remember. If squeamish human-persons were not so unobservant of the gifts with which we present them, they would have known of this desert shrew l-o-n-g ago.
    Oh my, speaking of dream time, I do feel a nap coming on. . . . More later.
    Conquering Cat

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