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September 18 update: Only 4 Spaces Remaining!

Walking Words
A Progressive Dinner in Historic Silver City
Fund Raiser for the Southwest Festival of the Written Word
Saturday evening, September 29th, 2018 — 5:30 to 8:30 or so

Jesse Ehrenberg

Cindy Medina

Maggi Petton


Three top restaurants in downtown Silver City (Howard’s Corner Kitchen, Diane’s Restaurant, and Revel) will be our venues as we walk from one to another, enjoying hors d’oeures with poetry, dinner with non-fiction, and desserts with creative fiction.  Inspiring authors will provide short presentations at each restaurant, leaving plenty of time to meet, greet and converse with them and other writers.

Registration of $150 covers everything for this fund raiser.  This exclusive writers event is limited.  There are ten spots available.  Please make out your check to “SWFWW”, and mail to: Paul Hotvedt, 808 West 8th Street, Silver City, NM 88061.  Check must be received no later than September 7th.  Upon receipt you’ll receive an email with more information. Call Stewart Warren (505.881.2499)  for details and/or check on availability.

Jesse Ehrenberg — Latest Publication
In Jesse’s Surprise! world, the Unicorns are back (though scornful of human progress), Jesus is a Vegas magician, and Mickey Mouse has PTSD. But there are still starry nights and twilight transfigurations and poets who speak to us from paupers’ graves. With heart and wit, these poems confront complacencies of thought and deed.
—John Roche, author, editor, educator

Jesse Ehrenberg’s Surprise! cracks down reality to its boiling point of now. He’s one of many voices in U.S. poetry decrying the  calamities and yet finding “sacred songs / in praise of tomorrow.” All power to the poets like Jesse who are the lifeblood of America healthy and flowing as we all work through the prevailing idiocy.
—Larry Goodell, author and performer

Jesse Ehrenberg — Bio
Jesse Ehrenberg came to New Mexico from New York in the early 70s. He started writing poetry as a teenager and continues to find inspiration in the power of words. His poems have appeared in many local anthologies. His poetry book, Surprise!, won awards in both the New Mexico and National Press Women’s 2018 Communications contests. It’s available from FootHills Publishing.

Cindy Medina — Latest Publication
A Journey into the Heart of the Black Madonna: Self-Discovery, Spirituality, and Activism.

In A Journey into the Heart of the Black Madonna: Self-Discovery, Spiritualism, and Activism, Ms. Medina eagerly invites the reader into her relationship with the Black Madonna and its transformative nature. We travel through her dreams, intuition, and relationships; we reach spiritual peaks, then descend into verdant valleys of change. Her exquisite descriptions of Nature serve as an awakening to the harsh contrast of environmental degradation, and the clarity of her writing shines light on important social issues.

“Ms. Medina’s love for the natural world inspires readers to stand up and protect their rivers and mountains, so that their children may always live in dignity and pride.”
—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Cindy Medina — Bio
Ms. Medina has devoted her life to the emergence of the Feminine in the lives of women and men. She has integrated the Feminine perspective in her psychotherapeutic practice, and through community development with a focus on environmental justice.

After graduating from Colorado State University with a BS in psychology and earning a Master’s degree in Counseling from Arizona State University, Ms. Medina trained in Process-oriented Psychology, with an emphasis in Jungian Psychology, in Zurich, Switzerland. As the Alamosa Riverkeeper, she received the David Getches Flowing Waters Award for improving environmental water resources and recreational values in the Alamosa River through her efforts in collaboration, innovation and inspiration.

Maggi A. Petton — Latest Publication
Sofia’s Song: A Novel of Historic Fiction in Three Parts
Sofia’s Song is the long awaited sequel to Maggi Petton’s first novel of historical fiction, The Queen’s Companion.  In Sofia’s Song, we join former Princess Sofia (the betrayed and betrayer in The Queen’s Companion) as she becomes the hunted queen.  In Part 1 of this intense and emotional journey, we are absorbed in Sofia’s journal and memories of her past.  Written as she hides from her persecutors, we share her regrets, her joys and her agonies as she tries to survive alone in a small forest cabin hidden from the world.  From there, her strength, courage and faith unfold a future full of intrigue, mystery, surprise and love.  Steeped in the history of the Inquisition, Sofia’s Song continues the story of the struggle of people immersed in the six-hundred plus years of one of the most brutal times of religious persecution.

Maggi A. Petton — Bio

Maggi Petton is a poet and author of historical fiction.  Her novels tell of the struggles of disenfranchised women throughout history…women of strength, courage and determination.  Whether she is illuminating women’s struggles during the Inquisition in Italy, or the American Civil War, her stories weave a tapestry of truth that resonate still.  Today, more than ever, we need the depth, faith and insight of women pushed to the breaking point, who discover their strength and purpose.  Maggi’s characters give us that and more—they give us honesty and insight as they grow and learn about themselves and the times in which they live.

All of Maggi’s books have been finalists of the Arizona/New Mexico Book Awards.  Born in Chicago, Illinois, Maggi has made her home in New Mexico since 1985, with her life partner of thirty four years. They have one daughter.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Southwest Word Fiesta™ or its steering committee.

Enriching Life Through Learning in Community

We respectfully acknowledge that the entirety of southwestern New Mexico is the traditional territory, since time immemorial, of the Chis-Nde, also known as the people of the Chiricahua Apache Nation. The Chiricahua Apache Nation is recognized as a sovereign Native Nation by the United States in the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Friendship of 1 July 1852 (10 Stat. 979) (Treaty of Santa Fe ratified 23 March 1853 and proclaimed by President Franklin Pierce 25 March 1853).

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