Book Review: Artemis Awakening by Jane Lindskold

Jane Lindskold

Award-winning novelist Jane Lindskold will discuss the art of writing science fiction at the Southwest Festival of the Written Word on Saturday, September 30, 11:30am at the El Sol Theater.

Frost McGahey reviewed Lindskold’s Artemis Awakening, the start of a new series:

The planet Artemis was created as an Eden, a paradise where the wealthy could come and experience the wilderness and pretend they were roughing it. All the technology was concealed and the animals (and the humans brought to live there) were bioengineered to help the guests enjoy their stay in an unspoiled, rural world.

cover of Artemis AwakeningBut a galaxy-spanning war caused the loss of much of the advanced technology that created Artemis and the planet came to be a myth. That is until an archeologist, Griffin Dane, discovers the long-lost star and finds the reality behind the myth. Dane’s ship mysteriously crashes on Artemis, stranding him on a planet that has strangely remained as it was for over 500 years. He’s rescued by the huntress Adara and her telepathically-linked companion, the puma Sand Shadow. Their journey to find help takes them on an adventure that leads to the discovery of the secrets of Artemis.

Lindskold builds a world that the reader can see and believe in. Realistic characters, an interesting plot, and good action sequences move the story along at a rapid pace. To cap it all, there’s an unusual plot twist. All in all, an enjoyable story well told.

Jane Lindskold is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling, internationally published author of twenty-five novels, including include the six volume Firekeeper Saga, the three volume “Breaking the Wall” series, and, most recently, Artemis Awakening and Artemis Invaded.  Lindskold has also written something like seventy short stories, nineteen of which are included in her collection Curiosities.  Another recent project is a non-fiction book on writing called, appropriately, Wanderings on Writing.

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