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Agatha the Beloved Queen

Queen Agatha, regal champion of the common people, is an adult fairy story with a new twist! In the mystical medieval land of Xana, Queen Julia is a typical aristocratic monarch. Her daughter, Princess Agatha, is the champion of the commoners.

When the evil sorcerer Magi comes to Xana, he kills Queen Julia, takes the vast wealth of the land for himself, and inflicts disease and hunger on all the people. Princess Agatha uses every resource at her disposal to reduce their suffering. She learns that Magi can only be destroyed if she can identify her handsome Prince Olaf incognito in the crowd and make love to him. She has only one chance. If she makes love to anyone else, Magi’s evil will endure forever. How she succeeds is a heartwarming scene.

Most fairy tales would end here, with the beautiful princess and the handsome prince living “happily ever after.” But can they? How, if at all, can the new queen, with her handsome prince at her side, inspire her people to rebuild their ruined land? How, if at all, can she overcome the powerful vested interests of the aristocrats so that ALL her people can prosper?

Fred Pilcher is a retired college physics teacher who knows from experience with his pupils that through nurturing, nearly all young people can become productive citizens. His great sadness is that in American society and in many other countries, millions of underprivileged children are denied this nurturing. Both the children and their countries are poorer for losing what they could otherwise produce. As a scientist, Fred understands that critical thinking and following where the evidence leads are the only reliable ways to understand the real world.

Away from the real world of hard evidence, Fred reads science fiction and fantasy. His favorite childhood movie was the Walt Disney 1950 cartoon, Cinderella, and he greatly admires women who are both strong and compassionate. Fred brings together all of these ingredients in this story of a princess who becomes a wise and inspired queen with a personal mission to achieve productivity, prosperity, and happiness for all of her people.

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