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Milagro Mystery #3

A vanished park ranger and a macabre discovery take small-town cop Franz Kafka, aka ‘K’ right to the edge of the abyss. The Mesa, eyrie of the ancient Pueblan ancestors casts its shadow over small town Milagro, where old-time ranchers and thrusting incomers converge in a common cause: profiteering from the land. Charged with mediating a seemingly innocuous dispute about a slain miniature horse, K is caught in the deadly clash between Old and New West. As his heroes morph into villains and his villains stay villains, K’s customary position between rock and hard place suddenly becomes much more precarious. Flyover Country is the third book in The Milagro Mystery series (The Quality of Mercy, Milagro Mystery #1, 2017; Lacandon Dreams, Milagro Mystery #2, 2019), featuring Franz Kafka, who– just like his more famous namesake– has a keen eye for the absurdities he is confronted with in his rural cop job, though perhaps is lacking the required skill set, dedication and application one would wish for in a police officer. To learn more about K and his (mis-) adventures, please visit

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