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Gazehounds & Coursing

The History, Art & Sport of Hunting with Sighthounds

This revised and expanded edition covers all the AKC sighthound breeds, plus the coldbloods, staghounds, coyote hounds, lurchers, etc. From the farm fields of the Midwest through the wind-swept North Plains to the desert Southwest, join the author on hunts for jackrabbits, coyotes, fox, and cottontails with a variety of purebred and mixed-breed hounds. Meet some of the great old houndmen of the past and the legacy and lore they left behind. Learn the technique of the trailhound/sighthound combination hunt. Gazehounds & Coursing is provocative—the author blasts the anti-hunters, insists on a strong conservation ethic, and says that some AKC breeds need an infusion of new blood to restore their working talents. Gazehounds & Coursing is evocative—the author recounts great hounds he loved well who have crossed the great divide, and game animals he wishes in retrospect had gotten away. Above all, Gazehounds & Coursing is informative—herein is the necessary methodology for choosing, raising, training, breeding, and running the lithe and graceful “longdogs.”

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