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Billy the Kid’s Grave. A History of the Wild West’s Most Famous Death Marker

Mesilla Valley History Series

“Quien es?”

The answer to this incautious question – “Who is it?” – was a bullet to the heart.

That bullet – fired by Lincoln County Sheriff Patrick F. Garrett from a .40-44 caliber single action Colt pistol – ended the life of Billy the Kid, real name William Henry McCarty.

But death – ordinarily so final – only fueled the public’s fascination with Billy the Kid.

* What events led to Billy’s killing?

* Was it inevitable?

* Was a woman involved? If so, who was she?

* Why has Billy’s gravestone become the most famous – and most visited – Western death marker?

* Is Billy really buried in his grave?

* Is the grave in the right location?

* Was the grave washed away by the Pecos River?

* Is it true that Pat Garrett’s first wife is buried in the same cemetery?

* Is Billy’s girlfriend buried there also?

* The Fort Sumner cemetery where Billy’s grave is located was once plowed for cultivation. Why?

* What town, seeking a profitable tourist attraction, tried to move Billy’s body, using a phony relative to justify the action?

These questions – and many others – are answered in this book.

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