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Hippie at Heart

What was she to do stuck in Mexico, Nick’s body interned in a coroner’s seamy examination room? When her husband died the day after their 30th wedding anniversary, Anne had to employ every ounce of fortitude and cunning greasing the wheels of corruption to obtain release of her beloved. Hippie at Heart (What I Used To Be, I Still Am) follows Anne’s 50’s childhood continuing through the tumultuous 60’s and 70’s. Two years stoned on pot, with side trips of acid, mescaline, opium, and peyote, following the pied piper of rock concerts and free love, took its toll. ‘Back to the land,’ a 60’s mantra, led Nick and Anne to the untamed mountains of northern New Mexico. With 8 other families in community they lived on ‘The Mesa,’ 17 miles from civilization. No phone. No running water. No electricity. When daughter, Zelda, was born in their log cabin responsibility for another human being quickly changed the trajectory. Unfolding over five decades of love and survival, concealing the mysterious cause of Nick’s death until the final pages, Hippie at Heart is a personal and yet universal journey.

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