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New Rain

New Rain is a visionary novel filled with adventure and metaphysics. Told primarily through dialogue, this is a fast and fun read. Bessier is a masterful writer and storyteller. While the novel is set on a distant planet, prior experience or fascination with science fiction are not required to enjoy this engaging story. Here’s a brief synopsis. Sola Alturas, a young sales rep for Interstellar Data Systems, arrives on the planet Caifanii, with its rainforest heat, massive oceans, and two moons, ready to earn the largest commission of her career. She also hopes to find enticing local delicacies to include in the second edition of her cookbook, Cuisines of the Cosmos. Her briefing materials, however, fail to mention that a revolutionary movement called the Mhalanai Trust is pushing for peaceful global transformation based on ancient wisdom, while the corrupt Caifanii government pushes back with violence. When Sola accidentally gets pulled into the struggle, her life evolves in miraculous ways. New Rain is deep yet lighthearted, a cross-genre read that entertains and enlightens. There are many humorous pop culture references, and some fun surprises for Star Trek fans.

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