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The Seekers

Tales of the Tarot Archetypes

What does a man with an unusually large member, a schizophrenic, and a transvestite have in common? They are three of the twenty-one narrators of this sprawling portrayal of Americana during the past two decades. Told in the first-person, each chapter is a snapshot into the very different lives of the characters, represented by each of the Tarot archetypes identified by the twenty-one cards in the major arcana. The thread that binds them together is Santorini, a tarot card reader living in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. Follow him and his clients through the twenty odd years from the Monica Lewinsky scandal to the election of President Trump and all the events in between. At times hilarious, sometimes tragic, but always entertaining, The Seekers is an illuminating story reminding us that collectively we have the power to change our destiny.

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