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The White Sands

The Two Valleys Saga: Book Three

Was the death the result of murder … suicide … or did someone else seize the opportunity to shift the blame onto the Lees?

Jesús’ memoir explores these, and other questions that arise as he recovers from comatic amnesia. While struggling to rediscover his past, he finds solace in the structure and strict values of the immigrant Texan ranching community. But when his visions and dreams connect to real-life experiences, Jesús must confront his identity conflicts while being true to the Tularosa family that saved him.

Against the backdrop of the New Mexico Territory’s statehood tug-o-war and a ranching society clinging to its wild west ways, Mary Armstrong weaves a coming-of-age story that delves into the collision of cultures and the struggle for lawfulness and individualism. The White Sands takes you to the mystical duneland of the late 1880s, where legends of the lost and murdered rivaled the beauty of the glistening waves of sand. Murder, mayhem, court battles, and election and legislative clashes come to a head in this gripping tale of life on the wild frontier.

I think this is all you need. If you have any problems, please let me know. I look forward to serving on your historical fiction panel!

Mary, a retiree from a diverse career spanning various fields of land planning and design, found a new passion in writing when she landed a gig as a weekly columnist for the Las Cruces Sun-News. Her articles quickly gained popularity, leading her to explore more creative outlets. Her historical fiction play, It is Blood, got rave reviews after a well-received theater performance, inspiring Mary to embark on The Two Valleys Saga.

Drawing on her love for fiction and deep respect for history, Mary’s meticulous research and attention to detail bring historical settings to life. The way she masterfully weaves historical figures with engaging fictional characters brings out compelling narratives that explore complex themes, which prompts reflection on the human condition.

In 2021, Mary’s exceptional work was recognized when The Mesilla, a part of The Two Valleys Saga, won an award from The Historical Fiction Company.
Java, their beloved Cavachon, leads Mary and her husband Norman “Skip” Bailey on daily jaunts around their Las Cruces neighborhood.

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