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Where You Will Find Me

A Poetic Journey Into the Wilderness

Given the keys to a four-wheel drive truck and armed with a forest map and a GPS Eisen was tasked with seeking out windmills and water wells in the remote wilderness of New Mexico. As she traversed the dirt roads which led to abandoned homesteads, dirt tanks, and hidden springs she rediscovered a place in her spirit that only the wilderness could release. Days of solitude and the absence of distraction brought the mystical qualities of life back into view. Once freed from the armor one wears to navigate their life the youthful wonders were restored and allowed to run free. The simple joy of nature and beauty reverberated in the shimmer of the sun-bleached plains and took on a life of its own. The whisper of the raven’s wing became audible and turned itself into a collection of poetry. The verse transports the reader to the heart of stillness and makes you want to stay there.

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