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Never Say Die

Hit by a car and left for dead during a training run, it is only because of her indomitable will that professional triathlete Zoey Morgan manages to fight her way back from death’s door. Too bad she left behind in that nether world, not only her memory of the car that hit her and kept on going, but also the events that may have led to the assault. When the attacks against her escalate, and the police seem to regard Zoey more as a suspect than a victim, she finds she must struggle alone to save her life.

As the pressure mounts, Zoey longs to give in to her lifelong pattern of fleeing, but when the threat spreads beyond her to her friends and her sport, she recognizes that if she’s to truly earn the tough triathlete cred she takes such pride in, for the first time in her life, she must stand firm and fight. But as the memory fog closes in tighter, and she doesn’t know who to trust, the things this enigmatic heroine doesn’t know about herself or those closest to her just might get her killed.

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